Well I hope I have your attention now! I'm Nicole - the person behind that camera you may be seeing, the the photographer that is here to help show you your sexy side!!!

(And make you feeling fucking great!)

I'm a Ventura native and started my passion for photography in a high school class, I have always been passionate about art and creating but once I started photography I knew it was the art form that clicked for me. I continued my education at UCLA to receive my degree in Design with a minor in Arts Education. Wise Photography was created right after graduation!

I've always had a hard time limiting my focus in photography (pun intended). And while I still offer a variety of photography - my passion has found a place in boudoir. 

I work hard to make boudoir an experience you won't forget, you will cherish for years, and SO much more than just photos. My boudoir sessions are an experience, something new to try. From beginning to end I am here as a resource to embrace your sexy self - I will help you prep, I work to get to know you before you step in front of the lens, I will literally guide you through every pose, and I try my absolute best to make it a fun and comfortable experience. The cherry on top - stunning images of a side of you that you often don't get to see. 

I believe in experience, and my experiences have shaped my business and I over the years, and together we are always growing. This importance of experience has allowed me to meet and learn about so many people and business, it has taken me to several parts of the world, and it drives me to accept new challenges. With boudoir I get experience photography, my clients, and life in such a different way. 

My goal is to provide a new experience for you.