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Hello love

My life changed when I dove into boudoir, and my goal is that it will change yours as well. I have learned more than I can say from the women who have trusted me to photograph them and I hope to share these lessons. The #IGNWN community is a special one - a community of women striving to be more confident, more inclusive, and more impactful.

About me? I found photography in high school, I pursued my passion and others at UCLA, I am a dog mama, I will say yes to as many travel adventures as possible, I believe in growth, I value new experiences, and I share so many of the same insecurities you do.


I know it's a lot to ask...but you'll thank me later!

One more thing about me... what breaks my heart is when women believe they can't do boudoir because they aren't feminine all the time, that they don't wear lingerie often, or that they aren't described as sexy... on the daily you will find me in jeans, a tank, and vans. My happy place is adventuring with no make up, hair undone, with some dirt on my shoes. You can do both.

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