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I know it's a lot to ask...but you'll thank me later!

About Me...

Obviously, I love photography or we wouldn't be here.  I'm a Ventura native, a UCLA alum, a dog mom of two, a spoiled girlfriend, and a loved daughter. I will travel just about anywhere that gets presented to me, jumping in the ocean and hiking up a mountain are things I love to do, I have a sweet tooth for chocolate and caramel, and if I'm sipping on something frisky it's wine or whiskey.


I believe in experience. I am curious about life stories. I try to appreciate the little things. I dream big. I overthink a lot. I'm forever a student. I am constantly working on myself.  

Why Boudoir...

I often get asked how I got into boudoir. Though I can't remember my very first 'boudoir session' I know that over the years the portraits and shoots I did on my own gradually became sexier and sexier. Gradually I did more and more boudoir sessions. Then in 2021 I found my place here. 

It was truly life changing, which sounds a little cheesy or dramatic, but things weren't the same. It clicked. I felt like I finally found my place in photography, I matured into my business, and I worked my ass off (and still am) to provide an experience my clients won't forget. 

I work to provide my clients a reminder of the confidence they may have lost. A different perspective so that they can remember they are sexy, powerful, and strong. In return, I have become more confident, stronger in my goals, and clearer in my path. 

Beside the beauty of boudoir and all it has to offer - one of the things I love the most is really getting to know people. And not because they are naked, but because in boudoir we get to skip the small talk and get into the heart of the matter. Why each woman comes to see me, what they need from this experience, and how it changed their life after. 

I value new experiences, ones that make us feel alive, and my goal is to bring women an experience they will never forget and feeling that will light up inside of them whenever they see their images. 


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In 2022 I started a blog series about HER.

HER features the women I have photographed - those who trusted me to capture their sexy and show them their beauty. Those who shared their stories with me, shared their insecurities, shared why this experience meant so much to them.

These women inspired me to start a series to continue this conversation outside of the boudoir room - because these conversations are important. They have reminded me of so many simple truths...

To be me.

To drop the insecurities.

To enjoy your age and beauty.

To try new things.

To always chase the feeling of freedom.

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