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Nicole here - your boudoir photographer! I am here for you every step of the way. From planning and prepping, to any last minute nerves, day of jitters, posing guidance, and all around boudoir tour guide please don't be shy to reach out! 

I work very hard to make this experience as comfortable, easy, and enjoyable as I possibly can. You can expect me to come in ready to whip my hair around, lay on the bed, kick my shoes off, and be there for you through it all! 

All you need was the courage to book your session - so I can congratulate you for getting there! Now, we will get you ready and at the end of this experience you should walk away feel confident, empowered, and ready to do it again!




Expect to be REALLY excited, but also expect to be REALLY nervous! These are the two emotions that EVERYONE messages me about leading up to their boudoir experience. 

Don't worry about how to pose, what to do with your face, where to look - I am here for all that. All you need to do is come to your session feeling excited and confident, I'll do the rest! 

Expect more than just a photo session. This isn't like the chaos of family portraits or the uncomfortable spotlight of headshots - this is an experience. You will feel great, look amazing, and take away so much from your boudoir experience. I can try to explain it but you will just have to see for yourself. 

You can expect music and something to sip on (liquid courage doesn't hurt), we will look at your outfits and chat ideas, then we will get started and flow through your session together, we'll of course have loads of fun and capture so much sexy goodness, I always send sneak peeks (can't keep you waiting too long), and then will work to edit and finish up your private password-protected online gallery. From there you can download your digital images, purchase high quality prints, and we can design your boudoir album. 

Expect to leave your session feeling empowered, confident, and sexy as fuck! And expect to have these feelings again once you see your images. It's not uncommon for your images to lead to a heightened sense of 'I'm hot as hell' attitude so be warned. Sessions may also lead to spicy nights with your partner and the courage to do it again! 





First, let me say that I am here to help with outfit choices! Don't be shy if you have questions or need a second opinion on what to wear during your session! I first and foremost want you to feel sexy and be comfortable in your outfits choices! Shop for your style and consider what pieces will accentuate your favorite assets. 

  • If you want more cleavage make sure to wear supportive or padded tops

  • Try on panties with different waistbands, see what works for your curves

  • One pieces, bodysuits, teddies, or tanks/tees are great options if you don't want to show your tummy

Boudoir isn't just lace and lingerie! Here are some other ideas of things to bring

  • Bodysuit

  • Bikini

  • Crop tops

  • Jeans + bra

  • Robe, kimono, sweater or lace cover

  • Jewelry

  • Something from your partner's closet

  • Heels

TRY EVERYTHING ON! Make sure to try everything on before your session and make sure you LOVE it on your body! I always encourage you to bring more and I can help pick out what will look best and give you a great variety in your images.


I recommend avoiding neon colors and busy patterns, we want the focus to be on YOU!  


Okay okay okay - you don't have to get naked! I am here to work with your comfort level - you can stay covered or bare it all. This is a personal preference and may change as we work through your session. Please know that I work around what you want to do during your experience!

If you feel like stripping down we can shoot implied nude, just the sheet, or beautiful silhouettes. You tell me how much of you to capture! But, I may try to get you naked!!!


And if you need a little confidence boost before you see me (make sure to give yourself a few days so you aren't stiff) then get a badass workout in!




MOST IMPORTANTLY - WEAR YOUR CONFIDENCE! If there's anything that will take your experience and your images to the next level is to EMBRACE YOUR SEXY SELF! If you can commit to being in the mood, bringing through that confidence, and going for it you will see it in your images. Think of it as your alter-ego, she's that sexy side of you that's always been there but she needs to be let out! 


Shop Local: Purrmission Lingerie, Trystology, Aphrodites, Ojai Lingerie

Budget Friendly: H&M, Shein, Amazon, Savage X Fenty, Adore Me, Aerie

Higher End: Honey Birdette, Victoria's Secret, Fleur Du Mal

Don't forget to try everything on before your session and make sure you are feeling SEXY in it!




One detail you don't want to overlook before your boudoir session is your nails! Make sure to have manicured or clean nails for your photos. We want to avoid chipped nails (so distracting!) and I recommend a neutral color or a color that coordinates with your outfits. We don't want neon nail polish stealing the show!



If you do not regularly get an artificial tan this is NOT the time to try. I do not take responsibility for editing out a bad spray tan , including but not limited to splotchy tans, stained hands/feet, under nourished cracking tans, unnaturally colored tans. I style and edit the photos with a warmer finished so please do not try a spray tan, home tan, or tanning bed if you are not used to it. 

If you do get regularly spray tanned and are confident with your tanning artist please make sure to rinse your tan and keep it hydrated before your session!

Please avoid laying out before your session to avoid bikini lines, sunburns, peeling skin, etc. Again, this type of editing is not included and may be an extra fee to remove bad tans or tan lines.



Photo ready makeup is a beautiful thing! Coming from me, a girl who rarely wears full makeup, I know getting your makeup done can feel overwhelming BUT a little more goes a long way in photos! Make sure to book with a makeup artist you trust and be clear about the look you prefer for your session.



You may walk into your session in full pajamas looking like it's bedtime but then we can strip down to the lace and lingerie! Please avoid tight fitting jeans and leggings - we don't want indent lines down your legs or across your waist (no belts!). A loose maxi dress or sundress is the best bet! Also, please avoid tight bras or tanks that will leave lines across your shoulders and back. Please take off tight jewelry, watches, and hair ties as well!


I will be posing you in a variety of ways and some of these poses are going to be yoga-esque! Avoid any hard or new workout before your session. I do recommend some sort of workout to help you feel good and stand a little sexier but don't overdo it! We don't want you to be sore and stiff during your session time! Stretching during the days leading up to your session won't hurt either! 



I know it's easy to feel like need to skip a meal before your session but I encourage you to eat something! Eat what makes you feel GOOD! It's one thing to avoid food that will cause bloating or an unsettled stomach but I encourage you to get a feel good, healthy meal in so you are energized during your session! Don't forget to stay hydrated.

On top of feeling good the day of, we want to be eating well and hydrating before your session so your skin is glowing! If you need some extra skin love book a facial (with plenty of time for your skin to settle) and get that extra glow in.



If you do not regularly wear strip eyelashes I do NOT recommend them before your session. The added weight can be uncomfortable and give us 'drunk eye' if you are not used to holding up that extra set of lashes on your eyes. Talk to your makeup professional about lightweight or individual lashes that will give you an extra oomph without because a struggle to look alive! 

If you have had lash extensions or a lash lift before but need a recommendation please look into this before your session and give yourself time to get used to the treatment! This is not a day before appointment to make.



I recommend avoiding any major hair changes before your session! And if you plan to get it styled go to someone you trust and stick to a look that can be tossed and flipped and made to be a hot mess! 


And on body hair - make sure to wax, shave, etc. before your session. Avoid doing this too close to your session time as we want to avoid red marks and razor burn.



I will always bring or have something for you to sip on - a little liquid courage if you will. However, I do only provide one drink to avoid any 'drunk' eyes and to keep you safe on your way home from your session. Please DO NOT drink heavily the night before or the day of your session.




I understand that boudoir can be a very personal, intimate, and vulnerable experience. I want to make sure that you know it's up to you if any images are shared on my social media, website or marketing materials. I give all my clients the option to keep their images private!!! If you feel comfortable with me sharing your images I will get approval for specific photos before they are shared online. 

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