October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and oh lord have I captured a lot of beautiful tatas in my work! I have also had a lot of very personal, very vulnerable conversations. 

When I was thinking about what I can offer for Breast Cancer Awareness Month I knew I wanted to do something more than a giveaway for just anyone, I wanted to give the boudoir experience and opportunity to feel sexy to someone who really deserves it. 

So, this is for the bad ass ladies out there who have endured and overcome the battle of breast cancer. Whether it is you reading this or someone you know.

Please fill out the form below to NOMINATE a woman who beat breast cancer and deserves the time and opportunity to enjoy yourself, feel sexy, and get back to herself. (Karma will get ya if you nominate someone under false pretenses)

The winner will receive $1,500 towards a boudoir session from me. She will also receive gifts from Plum Gifts - a Boobs! Creativity Journal, Pink Ribbon Card, and Boobie necklace. Additionally, a bottle of wine from Wildflower Winery and a boob scrunchie from Some Honey. 

Winner will be announced early November 2022.