Lifestyles of Ventura Pt. 4 -

Craft Waxing

I’d like to introduce you to Carrie of Craft Waxing! She began her Lifestyle of Ventura just one year ago and has nestled into The Loft Studio in Downtown Ventura. 


Carrie offers a menu of waxing services to her clients. With over 15 years in the industry she provides a wealth of knowledge to help her clients get the best experience!

Her career began in San Diego at a medi-spa business, later she moved into a partnership as an esthetician offering both skincare and waxing – soon finding herself drawn to offering waxing services only. About 10 years ago she found herself in Malibu with her family, word spread that she had experience in waxing and she restarted her business there. A year ago Carrie and her family moved to Ventura and began to settle in by the beach. At first she didn’t plan on offering her services here, but after meeting some local moms at school, the word began to spread, and she found a beautiful place to offer waxing in her new community! She fell in love with The Loft and the group of women that had come together to offer a variety of services in the space.

Carrie values her clients the most in her business. Each person is so different – everyone has different needs and preferences. She works to get to know her clients and constantly encourages them to remember they are not alone with their preferences and insecurities – she finds a lot of women are in the same boat!


She brings a lot of experience to her table at Craft Waxing. With variety in her background and the time she has spent with different shapes, sizes, body types, and products, she has learned a lot. In her work she has made it a goal to focus on her technique and the best tools she can offer – always striving to use the best of best. 


A unique offering Carrie recently announced was a wax made specifically for tattoos. Some clients will come in before getting tattooed to clean and smooth the surface, others will have this wax used over their existing tattoos as it helps preserve and revive the ink. 


After having her doors open since June, Carrie is most surprised by how many women in our beach town have never had a Brazilian or bikini wax! She has been educating more people about the process and the benefits during her time here.


Thank you Carrie for sharing your Lifestyle of Ventura!


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