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Lifestyles of Ventura Pt. 2 -


Say hello to Emily, the hands and heart of Haven. Moving to Ventura in December 2018 she dove right into the Ventura lifestyle, opening her massage studio in Downtown Ventura to bring a safe place for healing. 


Emily doesn’t only bring massage to Ventura, she has introduced something new, an alternative method to her practice of healing, CBD oil. 


Haven is a boutique CBD massage studio that offers individual appointments and memberships as well as CBD products. Emily says this space is her “passion project” and strives to “help clients and members heal through self care and self awareness.” With 12 years as a massage therapist, having worked in financially centric establishments in the past, Emily sought to create a space that was focused on healing. Having been introduced to CBD and learning it’s benefits, she was inspired to open a place of her own to help heal through massage and CBD, thus creating Haven. 

Haven offers a different healing experience through the use of CBD oil, or otherwise known as Cannabidoil – one of several therapeutic compounds found in the cannabis plant. This oil can be a very beneficial way to help ease pain, as it helps soothe the body, allowing Emily to work harder and dive deeper to the source of her clients’ pain. Because of this her practice can offer long-term benefits. She uses CBD because it’s “healing in a safe manner” and allows for more pain relief. She encourages her clients to create a routine through memberships to make themselves accountable to their self-care and to take self-care more seriously. The receptiveness of clients to the use of CBD and the changing shift in acceptance of the product has been the most surprising and exciting aspect of her development of Haven. Clients have enjoyed this alternative method and it’s healing benefits. Due to this acceptance Emily decided to create her own CBD product line to allow people to experience the benefits of the oil at home and further their self care practice.


The members of Haven are the most important part of the business to Emily. Feeling grateful that people trust her with the experience and trust her with their healing, body, pain relief, and self-care. “Words cannot describe my gratefulness to them,” says Emily, to her they are the most important part, they inspired her use of CBD and inspired the creation of this safe place called Haven where clients can come to enjoy and be at peace. 


On a personal note, when Emily and I met and spoke about this project she generously offered me a massage so that I can experience her work first hand. I am a big advocate of massage and the benefits of body work and enjoy a regular massage myself. I had no prior experience with CBD and was very interested in giving it a try. First let me say, Haven is a beautiful, peaceful space – I was at ease and relaxed during my entire visit. The massage with firm and the CBD oil quickly helped me relax further into the experience. Everything about it was peaceful and pleasant, Emily was thoughtful and kind and very good at what she does. I was in a relaxed state the rest of the day and I can truly say I felt the difference in experience and enjoyed the benefits of the CBD oil and all that Haven had to offer.


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