Lifestyles of Ventura Pt. 1-

The Lovely Leaf

Meet Maureen, the spirit behind The Lovely Leaf. Maureen has been in Ventura since moving here in 2002. Enjoying the beach, building a life, and growing her family she has the Ventura lifestyle. Two years ago she started her business of making healthy, plant-based meals for others.


‘I just fell into it,’ Maureen stated.  Always being the foodie, and growing up learning to cook from her mom and grandmother, this path was just right. After being asked to cook meals for her trainer the word began to spread about these healthy, prepped meals made by Maureen and from there The Lovely Leaf sprouted. 


The Lovely Leaf is a locally sourced food delivery service. Taking inspiration from living in Ventura, an agriculturally rich area, with access to fresh produce and vibrant farmers markets. Maureen keeps her meals primarily plant-based, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free. She strives to keep her menu full of nutrients and flavor while maintaining this important lifestyle choice. Her service stands out because she personalizes the menu and meals based on client eating choices, allergies, and food profiles. Maureen says ‘it’s healthy, soulful cooking inspired by family and friends.’ 


Her menu is for those willing to try new things, venture away from the normal meal, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Client reactions and requests for more bring Maureen pleasure as she cooks, especially when her clients are willing to give new alternatives a try! Running The Lovely Leaf has brought her happiness as it has allowed her to work from home, spend more time with her family, and do something she enjoys.


Over the last two years, Maureen has been most surprised at the confidence it gave her as she put herself out there as a cook. Creating menus, maintaining plant-based options, and building relationships with clients has been challenging and rewarding.


Maureen happened into this business and it has brought her so much in return. 


Thank you Maureen for sharing a little bit about your lifestyle of #Ventura!


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Featuring the Vegan Beet Carrot Kale Buddha Bowl with black rice, noodles, and mustard tahini dressing

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