Lifestyles of Ventura Pt. 3 -

Skin Magician

Meet Kaila, born and raised in Ventura, she is now often known as the Skin Magician! She is bringing magic to skin in the community - offering facials, waxing, and her own product line! 


With 15 years as an esthetician, working in different environments and specialized industries, Kaila made the leap to open her own space two years ago. Housed in Downtown Ventura, her space is welcoming and calming – the perfect place to enjoy some self-care. 

So how did Kaila become the Skin Magician? Following high school she began working with her mom and started her esthetician career. Her next journey began when she began working at a med-spa. Here is where she fell in love with the healing and treatment aspect of skin care. She then ventured to a plastic surgery center and found herself running the exclusive medical spa instead of focusing on the career she had started, in time she left the administrative role to experience a few short term opportunities, neither working out how she imagined.  Eventually, Kaila found herself back in Ventura with the opportunity, drive, and encouragement to open her own space. Clients started saying her work was magic and she was dubbed the

Skin Magician!


The first part of her business is the skin care treatments, and her practice isn’t about a “fluffy facial,” as Kaila would say, but about the treatment process and getting her clients results. She loves chatting with her clients and helping them solve their skin problems. Kaila stands out because she gets to the point and her services are effective, her clients know things are getting done and that their treatment will be personalized to their needs. 

The second part, and newest part, of her business is her own Skin Magician product line. Kaila says she’s always been a product junky, having access to high end, quality products throughout her career she wanted to bring her clients a product that was effective. After searching for something she believed in for her clients and coming up with nothing, Kaila had a client who encouraged her to start her own line. It was the perfect solution – she could provide a product all her own that would keep her clients glowing and bright between treatments. “It just kind of happened,” she said, “it felt like the next thing to do.”

Two aspects that are most important to Kaila – honesty and results. She strives to be kind and establish trust with her clients. Secondly, she strives to get results for clients.  Kaila can’t believe how quickly her business has grown through client referrals and promoting herself on Instagram. 


On a personal note, I will tell you that immediately walking into Kaila’s space I was more relaxed. It is clean, soothing, and she always has a yummy candle filling the space with a sweet scent. I have only had a couple facials in my life and was definitely curious to see how Kaila worked after talking with her about her feature. We chatted away through the entire facial, I didn’t stop to ask what was being done, but from all the reviews I have seen of her work I trusted I was in good hands. Taking a glance in the mirror after our session was done I was truly ecstatic! My skin felt great, it looked great, and I received several compliments in the following days about the ‘glow’ I had!

Thank you Kaila for sharing your Lifestyle of Ventura! 


Pssss…you can be expecting more coming from the Skin Magician, make sure to give her a follow and take a look at her website to start your new skin care regiment.

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