Lifestyles of Ventura Pt. 5 -

Ventura Pop Up Yoga

Say hello to Jessy, the founder of Ventura Pop Up Yoga. After a lifestyle in tech her journey lead her to teaching yoga. Jessy found herself in Ventura in 2010 - she moved here while in a management position for a tech company. As she says, it was her 'golden ticket' to move to California.

Jessy realized herself becoming unmotivated and unhappy in her job but without a clear path of where to go next. She had been practicing yoga for ten years and decided to go through the teaching program, at this point it was just something to accomplish for herself. To complete the program you are required to teach eight classes, after teaching a class she was pushed to take this further and start her own yoga classes.


Dedicating herself to a couple classes a week, Jessy founded Ventura Pop Up Yoga in April 2015 right under the beautiful tree (featured above) at Marina Park. A year later she walked away from her corporate job and committed fully to her practice and teaching. 

Ventura Pop Up Yoga (VPUY) is about connecting with people, inspiring them to try yoga or find a practice that suits them. She encourages people to ask the questions she asked herself when she was torn between two life paths. Her yoga offers others a place to go for some stability both physically and mentally. VPUY stands out because it is a beautiful introduction of yoga, while still welcoming people of more experienced practice. The classes are digestible, focused on your abilities and limitations, and helps students work through distractions of every day life. The essence of VPUY is about being outside as much as possible and breathing in fresh air. 

The most important part of VPUY for Jessy is being true to herself and her motivations. If you follow her on Instagram you will see some stories of a lost time in her life, the shuffle of everything that made the path harder to see. So she went to get lost in order to find herself. Coming back with the understanding that reengaging and reinventing yourself to maintain your authenticity is so important. After her journey she returned back to herself with a new purpose and began another way to teach - Venture Well Yoga. It was a new platform, new language, new teachings, and new tools to offer. Here she learned to trust the process, embrace the stillness, and reach out of her comfort zone - all things she is now helping others to do.

Jessy has been most surprised by her own personal growth through her journey of teaching others. She now stands confidently in front of her classes and gatherings. She is confident in her ability to know what she needs and how it coincides with what others need. She is sincerely grateful for all the people that have attended her offerings over the years and it has allowed her to live her life's purpose.

Thank you Jessy for sharing your Lifestyle of Ventura!

On a personal note, I have attended several Pop Up classes over the years. All of the teachers are amazing, the people that attend are kind, and it always brings me a sense of balance, calm, and rejuvenation. Jessy is a truly kind and caring person and it has been a pleasure getting to know her more!

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