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Let's Talk Boudoir

Boudoir is a beautiful and often very intimidating session. I wanted to share some intimate details about these intimate sessions, because I promise you - you are not alone!

Why Boudoir?

After the boudoir sessions I have done, I would recommend everyone do a session! It is freeing and fun and just simply a new way to enjoy yourself. That may sound strange - but how often to we get to see ourselves and capture the times when we are looking and feeling our sexiest? Not often. It's a w

ay to enjoy your body, enjoy your sexuality, and enjoy a new experience. It marks a time in life, it has helped women overcome some insecurities, and it's something good to just do for you. Morgan wrote "it was so empowering to know I was taking pictures as a personal expression of the confidence I was feeling inside and for no ones pleasure but my own" as she recollects her first boudoir session that she did just for her - not for a significant other.

But I'm Nervous!

The FIRST thing everyone tells me when we start their session is how nervous they are. It doesn't matter if they are in the best shape of their life or if they may not be feeling at their best - everyone is nervous! And why wouldn't you be? You are dolled up, exposed, and flirting with a camera, which just doesn't come very naturally to most of us. I can see the nerves fade away in almost every session I do - the starting photos are more controlled, less in the moment and as we reach the end people begin to really feel it and embrace it. I remember a client of mine finishing up her session and she said 'I feel like I wasted half of my shoot begin nervous! Now I want to do another one!'

Nerves are natural and it's going to happen. Even if you have been in front of the camera dozens of times, this is a new experience and it takes a little time to warm up to it - and that's OKAY! My advice to you... sip on a little champagne (just not too much) or even invite a friend to be there with you to cheer you on! Having someone who knows you more personally to tell you how sexy you look and help with outfit decisions is a great way to make the shoot even more fun and add a level of comfort.

What to Expect and How to Plan

I often shoot at my clients home - I do this because people are generally more comfortable, we have everything you need, and you are surrounded by your things and in your element. Alternatively, I suggest people to ask a family or friend to use their house if you may not have an ideal place to shoot at. Or take a step further and add a little more fun to it... I also recommend booking an Airbnb or hotel room, we can use it for the shoot and then you and your lover can use it for the night!

The next most asked question is - WHAT DO I WEAR?!? During our session you can change as much as you'd like in your session time. Based on your preferences I usually recommend at least two or three outfits, always a classic black outfit, one pieces are always fun, and then whatever you please! Maybe throw on your man's t-shirt, or strip it all off for some classy implied nudes, how about stepping into some heels for a few shots? Don't be shy to bring some props - flowers, sweets, balloons, bridal accessories, or how about some ropes (more on this in a bit!).

I will help you work through poses but you will often hear me make a suggestion followed by 'whatever feels most natural.' We all naturally pick a hand to run through our hair, throw a certain hip to the side, and move in different ways. If something isn't working for the camera, I will let you know, but the more natural and comfortable you feel the more you will like your photos at the end.

"I was most nervous about feeling nervous in front of the camera in such a vulnerable position (just bra and underwear) but Nicole made me feel 100% comfortable in my natural born body and naked skin" - Morgan

Boudoir is NOT...

Boudoir is NOT just for 'perfect bodied' people. Embrace your body, show off who you are, and feel sexy.

Boudoir is NOT just for the young women. I have photographed a handful of women that were out of their 20's and 30's and wanted to capture this time in their life and wanted to embrace how their body is today. Don't let your age be a reason not to feel sexy and not to show your lover (or yourself) how sexy you are.

Boudoir is not a set of guidelines. DO YOU! Show me what you like, or maybe what your man likes. We can go soft and sweet with roses and robes or we can go hot and steamy with ropes and some classy birthday suit shots! I'm here to capture you and whatever makes you feel your sexiest!

Boudoir is NOT just for models. Most of the women I have photographed have NO modeling experience. I am here to help you feel comfortable, guide you through poses, and capture you in your moment. The best advice I can give is to feel it, embrace it, and embody the time during your session. It will make a HUGE difference in your photos if you can ignore the camera and just feel the moment (and yes, much easier said than done!)

Have more questions? Contact me! And visit my boudoir page to get inspired! XoXo

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