• Nicole Messner

Meet Nicole, the Girl Behind the Lens

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Hi there!

I'm Nicole! You'll most likely see me peeking my face out from behind the camera. It's my happy place and I know how scary it can be to be in front of the lens so I do my best to make you and yours as comfortable as I can!

Let's go back a little and see where this started.

I was always interested in artistic pursuits - painting, drawing, and collage were some of my favorites. In my sophomore year of high school I started in photography and fell in love. My teacher was encouraging and saw my genuine interest and he helped provide me with several opportunities to refine my skills and show my work.

I took this passion and worked to continue and expand on it. I was accepted into UCLA Design Media Arts program and graduated in three years with my major as well as a minor in Arts Education, I considered going back to teach as it was my photography teacher who helped me find this passion and career of mine. During college I worked at an amazing internship with Atlantic Records learning social media and marketing, but even at this upbeat, colorful office I still knew the office life wasn't for me.

I graduated UCLA in 2014 and immediately opened for business - offering social media management and photography. I've been running my business, navigating changes, and growing as an artist and individual ever since. It hasn't been easy but at the end of the day I absolutely love what I do and the quality of my life is something I cherish.

Photo by Olivia Klein

Okay that's the basic resume, here I am on paper, kind of stuff! Let's get to some more interesting things!

My home is Ventura, born and raised here only to leave for college and come back. I absolutely love it here - to live and to work in. I share a home with my boyfriend (aka my Boo) Troy - supportive, encouraging, and always someone I can trust to challenge my ideas and help. I have my two pups - Haze, my baby girl who shares her mama's attitude from time to time, and Axle, my overgrown baby boy who loves his mama and doesn't love many other people. I have worked full time from home for years and I can't imagine it any other way. If you dropped by you'd likely find me in pajamas, music up, and probably a snack nearby.

Not to be that cliche photographer chick but I love to travel and enjoy new experiences. Big or small, I always love a good adventure.

I was lucky to have, what I call, a binge travel experience from September 2019 to January 2020 (just in time to get home before COVID-19 took over life as we knew it). I had the opportunities to travel to Iceland, Belize, Morocco, Thailand, and South America. These trips really threw my priorities for a loop and reshaped what I wanted out of my days. Of course who wouldn't want to binge travel all the time but, ya know, that thing called a bank account doesn't always support the decision. Regardless to say, if there's one thing I want to bring to my photography and my sessions is that I want them to be an experience. Something people can enjoy, remember, and cherish.

As you can see through my website and social media I like to shoot it all - boudoir, family, branding, travel - we can capture so much with a camera that it is hard to limit what I do. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to learn a little about this photographer, I look forward to capturing images and learning more about you!



Some other random notes about me:

I love pretty much all forms of potato (skins, mashed, fries - my boyfriends jokes that I'll turn into a tater one day)

I've become more interested in hiking and finding new trails, suggestions are welcome!

My closet and daily look could be a cartoon character closet - black top, jeans, vans - call me a plain Jane

I believe in the power of photo ready hair and makeup but on the daily I will do the bare minimum for myself if I wear makeup at all

I love myself some dessert, got my sweet tooth from my Gma

My drink of choice is wine or whiskey, cheers!