I work to source places and spaces that offer the boudoir experience you need and want. I am not based in a studio, I offer regular indoor session at a beautiful Loft rental in Ojai that provides the privacy and atmosphere you will enjoy. Additionally, I offer indoor sessions at your home or a location you source. 

During Spring, Summer, and the beginning of Fall I offer outdoor boudoir sessions at a variety of locations. Outdoor sessions provide a different experience and can really give you a sense of courage and freedom. 

Below are locations that I have pre-reserved for your boudoir experience options, if you would like to request another location or date please don't hesitate to get in touch.



I am currently renting a stunning and private loft in Ojai, CA for my indoor sessions. The Blue Pig Loft is a second story loft on a private family owned property. It offers a peaceful drive, a gated property, and a stunning location to capture you!

I pre-reserved specific dates throughout the year to guarantee us time to create some magic in this beautiful space. Additional dates are by request only and determined on the Loft rental availability. 


September 16th: 9am and 1pm

October: BOOKED

November: BOOKED


I am here for you from beginning to end, and even after that. You can expect my full prep guide that will answer all the questions you have and the ones you didn't know you had. My full outfit guide for tips and inspiration as you prepare. A questionnaire to help me get to know you, your goals for the experience, and to personalize your session.  

My full pricing brochure is available, just fill out the form below to get started!