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Wise Woman Society

When I say this is more than just a photo session... I mean it. Out of conversations with women in the boudoir room came about the Wise Woman Society. First, I was inspired to bring this silent community together because I heard two things - one, how hard it was to meet new people in the busyness of adulthood, and two, women who wanted to try new things but needed some community to take that step.

From these two experience I hosted the first Wise Boudoir Client Appreciation Party in 2022. After that night the ladies wanted more - more community, more connection, more experiences. Thus, the Wise Woman Society was born.

Taking a spin on networking and working to provide a space for all women - self employed, career focused, stay at home moms - just women who wanted to try new things and meet new people. I aim to host intimate open invitation events throughout the year. Join us at the next one...

Upcoming Events

  • Wise Woman Walk
    Wise Woman Walk
    Thu, Jun 06
    Jun 06, 2024, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    Ventura, Foothill Rd, Ventura, CA 93003, USA
    Jun 06, 2024, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    Ventura, Foothill Rd, Ventura, CA 93003, USA
    Get some air, enjoy some exercise, and get social!


If you want to join the Wise Woman Society make sure you agree with these...


Being a part of a welcoming community of women. No mean girl shit here.


Part of the Wise Woman Society is valuing new experience and having a willingness to try new things.


The Wise Woman Society believes in growth - personally and professionally.


Nicole here...

Hi ladies, thank you for your interest in joining or supporting the Wise Woman Society. In the boudoir room I often heard the shared struggle of trying new things but being nervous, or wanting to make new friends but adulthood is busy. After my first client appreciation party I saw a community that was ready to come together, they just needed some spaces to meet. 

My goal is bring women - business owners, stay at home mamas, women in their careers, ladies who just need a night out - together for a more welcoming type of networking. Additionally, to offer a way to try new experiences and discover new businesses with the comfort of community behind you. 

PS don't be surprised if you see me with a megaphone - I am a soft spoken women and this girl is a must!

Wise Women of 2023

Now the only invite only event hosted is the annual Boudoir Client Appreciation Party! It is reserved for my boudoir clients from the previous year, their wing women, and sponsors! As we prepare for this year's event see what we are all about...

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