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HER name is Gianna and she came in for her boudoir experience in 2021 at the age of 53. Gianna is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Anamcara Apprentice Specializing in Grief, Loss, Anxiety, Stress Management, Trauma, and she is a full time mom. Learn more about what she offers here.

Gianna is a single mom of two boys, Devin who is 18 and in college and Aidan who is 16 and profoundly disabled. She is the one who oversees his care. She is in her third and final year to become a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner for Trauma and is passionate about helping others live a more full and embodied life. Gianna writes 'I lived my entire life with tremendous amount of anxiety and fear that I have only just begun to uncover.' With crazy days full of work, study, and caretaking she enjoys being in nature to relax and reconnect with her authentic and intuitive side.

Gianna describes herself as loving, caring and giving in all of her relationships. She is a sentient being and feels those around her deeply. She is also highly empathetic. These qualities can be overwhelming at times as she is sensitive she can be hurt easily by others. Gianna writes 'I try to hold both my light and dark sides equally...we must have balance in this life.'

I asked if she considered herself a confident person... she responded with 'Nope, definitely not as confident as I appear.' A surprising response to me because I would have described her as one of the most confident and passionate clients I have ever worked with. From my experience with Gianna she is passionate, caring, and adventurous. I remember admiring the fact that she didn't let her age be an excuse. So many people think 'I can't do this, I am in my 40s, 50s, 60s... boudoir is for women in their 20s' but Gianna walked in and embraced her sexy side and welcomed her passion.

Gianna is confident that she's a good person who cares about people in this world. However, growing up with a father who, though he was loving, never seemed to have his expectations met. This set Gianna up for a lifetime of questioning whether or not she was enough and carrying that worry into her relationships.

For confidence she mainly struggles with getting older, staying relevant, and being seen. The struggle of feeling sexy and attractive while embracing the beauty of aging. Going back to that fear of being good enough, Gianna struggles with the idea that she is capable to achieve anything, often second guessing herself and quitting a challenge before she can be judged. She struggles to feel safe in her relationships because she is afraid of failure. However, she has been working on this aspect of herself and has found the confidence to finish challenges.

Going into her session she didn't feel nervous or scared. During her session she felt amazing and excited, she recalls that it was liberating to be in front of the camera. After her session she realized she went into the session for one reason and left with so much more to process. 'I really wish I could capture the confidence and the power that I feel while being photographed by Nicole and live that in my everyday'

'I really wish I could capture the confidence and the power that I feel while being photographed by Nicole and live that in my everyday'

After her session she remembers wanting to do it again, to do it just for her as a single woman in her 50's who is not done living her best life (and we did just that with a wet session). I have to interrupt here and comment on the inspiration I took away from Gianna, she's a woman in her 50's, a single mom taking care of two boys, one who needs a lot of extra attention, and she's still working towards her passions. The way Gianna walked into and moved through her session made me hope that I will be able to access my sexy side throughout my life, to not be afraid to enjoy my body, and to never stop living how I want.

I asked Gianna what lasting changes she has noticed since her session, she responded that they are still unfolding. 'I have the nudes that Nicole shot hung in my bedroom to remind myself that I can be vulnerable and can be seen and, mostly, that I need to choose ME first.'

To Remind myself that I can be vulnerable and can be seen and, mostly, that I need to choose ME first

She also noted that, sadly, boudoir made her realize she was alone and that she needed to find a partner who really was there for her and who truly appreciated all of her. The first session we had together was partly for someone she had in her life at the time but that relationship was let go.

If you are struggling with self confidence Gianna recommends trust. Trust yourself, your soul, your instincts, your feminine essence. 'Feel what it is like to be in your body, whatever shape, size, color... we are all beautiful and feeling that is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.' Take baby steps, dip your toe in the water, and before you know it you will find the comfort in your own skin and body. Gianna writes 'it's just the container for your soul, so let it shine.'

Her last piece of advice is this - she would tell anyone who is contemplating boudoir to do it for yourself first. 'We are our own worst critics and when you allow yourself to have the conversation with your inner critic it's very empowering when you can finally tell that voice to 'fuck off, I've got this'.'


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