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HER name is Raven and she came in for her boudoir experience in 2021 at the age of 25. Raven was getting ready for her wedding and a big move out of state to Idaho, this experience was as much for her as it was for her soon to be husband.

Raven used to describe herself as shy at first, and wild when you get to know her. However, she no longer believes that to be true. Instead, she describes herself at outgoing, blunt, loyal, kind hearted, and passionate. I can say that in my short time with Raven I was lucky enough to call her a friend and share quite a few laughs together.

When asked if she is a confident person, Raven responded by saying 'Confidence is something I recently found. I am most confident in who I am at my core and my personal self worth. Oh, and I am damn good at my job.

She struggles the most with being confidence in her body image, as she says, 'like most of us do.'

Boudoir first caught her interest because she saw the confidence in the women who had experienced their own session. She took the leap after a year or so of following me and after reading 'wonderful' stories on my posts.

I can tell you that I saw Raven's nerves when she walked in, like many women, she didn't know what to expect. She was most afraid of seeing her images after the session and only focusing on her flaws. Sadly, focusing on our flaws is easy to do and I try to encourage my clients to bask in that first feeling when you see your images, the 'Wow, I can't believe that's me' feeling.

During her session Raven remembers laughing harder than she had in some time. She said she felt immediately comfortable with me and though some of the poses were intimidating at times, I eased her mind by laying on the floor to sample the pose. She felt sexy and confident, and for some reason the fact that she was naked in front of a total stranger never felt odd. She said 'I was literally naked in front of Nicole and as soon as I took my clothes off she never looked at me different or treated me different.'

'I was literally naked in front of Nicole and as soon as I took my clothes off she never looked at me different or treated me different.'

I was literally naked in front of Nicole and as soon as I took my clothes of she never looking at me different or treated me different.

Boudoir helped Raven overcome her insecurities about her naked body and curves. She realized that people are not always judging you by your body. She says she 'walks taller' since her session and is 'more comfortable in my own skin, I have a better appreciation for my body no matter my shape or size.' On top of feeling sexier, she now appreciates everything her body does for her.

I asked Raven what advice she would give to someone who is struggling with confidence, she responded 'JUST DO IT. If you have any interest in a shoot, book with Nicole.' She recommends outfits you are comfortable in but also makes you feel hot, whatever they may be. Take this opportunity to see yourself through someone else's eyes and you will be pleasantly surprised.

If you're feeling nervous about trying boudoir Raven would say lean into those nerves - they are nerves of intrigue, of doing something outside of your comfort zone. Use these nerves as your motivation to watch yourself grow.

Lastly, Raven wants to leave you with this advice - be proud of who you are and how far you have come. Take this chance to celebrate yourself and your body. You do not need to do it for anyone but yourself. 'The things I took away from my photoshoot with Nicole will stay with me forever - it is so much more than a photoshoot.'


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