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HER name is Breanne and she first came to me for a boudoir session in 2021 at age 42. She is passionate about yoga, reading, time in nature, and spending time with the people who mean the most to her. Breanne enjoys working at home for Hilton Hotels. She is passionate about writing blogs for two businesses as well as her own personal site.

Breanne went home after her session and immediately wrote a blog post about all the feelings she had going into and during the experience, she describes the emotions and worries that so many woman share. I recommend taking a read to see you aren't alone in these feelings.

Read it HERE.

Breanne describes herself as introverted at first, but is more outgoing with the people she is closest with. She is loyal, hardworking, thoughtful, organized, detail oriented, curious about life and people, and always looking to grow as an individual.

When asked if she would describe herself as a confident person Breanne responded by saying 'This has been a growth process for me, since I really only started feeling more confident in myself since turning 40 a few years ago.' She is confident in her intelligence, resilience, and her good heart. Breanne finds herself in the best shape of her life and is more confident in her body and strength than ever before.

She describes herself as a 'recovering' perfectionist and people pleaser, always quick to pick apart her flaws. Breanne is now choosing to focus more on being grateful for her body and all of the ways that it supports her.

Breanne had been curious about boudoir but had the belief that it was only for women who were in a relationship to gift to their partner. After following my work she realized it was so much more than that and wanted to try the experience.

I asked Breanne what made her take the leap to try boudoir, she writes 'over the past few years, I have grown so much as a woman and feel more myself than I ever have...I wanted to celebrate where I am in my life and how proud I am of the woman I've become.' She was taking better care of herself physically with yoga and nutrition, giving her more confidence in capturing her body. Breanne also wanted to be able to look back at these images when she's old and remember how hot she was!

I have grown so much as a woman and feel more myself than I ever have...I wanted to celebrate where I am in my life and how proud I am of the woman I've become.

She was most nervous about getting naked in front of someone with a camera, concerned about looking awkward in the photos, and worried that she would only focus on her perceived flaws when she saw her images.

However, during her session she felt amazing! 'Nicole is so kind and makes the whole experience so comfortable. I felt like we were a team, and that she was going to make me look gorgeous. The level of trust that develops so quickly is wonderful. I felt so empowered and sexy! I had no idea that it would be a truly life-changing experience. It went by too quickly and is something that I definitely want to do again.'

Boudoir helped Breanne feel more confident in herself, inside and out. She felt brave for doing something outside of her comfort zone and the confidence that she felt during the experience has stuck with her. At the time of her session she had just started dating again and this newfound confidence was something she took with her into the dating world. Breanne still feels a strong appreciation for her body and all that it has carried her through, she says 'I notice that I give myself a lot more grace and focus more on the things I love about my body.'

I asked what advice Breanne would give to someone struggling with self confidence, she replied 'I have been recommending a boudoir session to all of my friends, because it is ridiculously empowering and a definite confidence-booster.' She says it's about knowing yourself and being grateful for what makes us unique and special.

Breanne would tell you to go for it! Try boudoir and take the risk, you'll be glad when you push yourself into things that scare you a little, often we wish that we had done those things sooner.

Breanne's last words of wisdom to you... 'we all deserve to feel beautiful and special, and this experience definitely does allow for that to happen.'


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