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HER name is Kat and she first came to me for a boudoir session in 2021 at age 27. She works as an office manager and is passionate about cooking, her animals, exercising, and spending time at the beach.

Let me tell you that Kat is the girlfriend of one of my cousins, so her stepping into a session and out of her clothing with me had a little bit more behind it. Mean, take a moment to image one of your cousins, then picture their partner, and now imagine signing up to get naked AND be photographed by them!

Kat describes herself as outgoing but can be shy and reserved at times. She is sweet, caring, a good listener, good friend and girlfriend.

Kat is confident in her work ethic, she is happy with her appearance, and feels confident in her skin 90% of the time. She is very confident in the kitchen and with her cooking. She struggles with saying and sticking to her views, often worrying too much about offending someone.

Boudoir caught her interest because she found it to be sexy and everyone in the images looked confident and strong. She took the leap to try a boudoir experience for herself because 'I always want to but never had a photographer I really trusted for it until you.' After a year or so fating my cousin she felt comfortable in giving this experience a go with me and what a beautiful way to bond!

Before her session she was nervous about not liking the images or critiquing her body after. During the session she was nervous, excited, and had fun!

The experience helped her practice getting out of her head about the little things - overthinking a pose, an outfit choice, or how her hair looked. I asked Kat what lasting changes she noticed after her session, she replied 'I like my body even more since then. I judge myself and others less.'

If you are struggling with self confidence Kat would advise you to love yourself first, hug yourself, and forgive yourself. Give love to the parts of you that you usually don't. Once you do this you may find more confidence.

If you are nervous about trying boudoir or just something new in general, she says you won't know until you try. Find someone you trust and dip your toes in to a new experience.

Kat's last words to give are these - 'support others and don't judge others for their choice to do and share parts of their lives, whether it's boudoir or something else they are proud of.'

Support others and don't judge others for their choice to do and share parts of their lives


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